About us

About us

MENAVITIN are an innovative dietary supplements created to help you take care of your health.

In order to meet our clients’ desires for a healthy lifestyle, PHARMENA SA recently launched a unique dietary supplements developed in cooperation with specialists from various fields. Our research efforts over many years resulted in the creation of an advanced dietary supplements, MENAVITIN, containing the patent protected substance, 1-MNA (EP 1713480). PHARMENA SA successfully obtained European Commission approval to introduce 1-MNA as a new food ingredient in the EU in 2018. This breakthrough enabled us to develop the only innovative dietary supplements containing 1-MNA available on the market.

We are constantly developing our products and searching for new solutions to help you take care of your health. To do so, we stay current with the latest scientific news to be able to create products that meet our clients’ healthy lifestyle needs.

The dietary supplements, MENAVITIN, support a healthy daily diet. Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of maintaining a proper, balanced diet and getting regular physical activity in order to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, modern society forces us into living in a hurry such that we are exposed to constant stress in everyday life. That is why you should pay attention to have properly balanced diet. If there is no possibility for that, you should choose a dietary supplement that will provide your diet with ingredients essential for being healthy. MENAVITIN is the best option.

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