Permanent fatigue and drowsiness indicate the lack of vitamins and proper diet

If you are constantly feeling tired and drowsy this may mean that you are deficient in vitamins and you do not follow a proper diet. Another reason underlying the lack of energy can be also associated with lack of sleep at night and lack of movement during the day. Check which vitamins and nutrient you need in order to feel rested and full of energy.

Causes of permanent fatigue and drowsiness

Permanent fatigue and drowsiness might be caused by various different factors. The most frequent of them include vitamin deficiency, improper diet, lack of physical activity, stress or insufficient sleep.

Lacking adequate levels of vitamins, microelements, elements and other nutrients may manifest itself in the form of permanent sleepiness or lack of energy.

When our menu lacks proper balance or is too abundant, it may stand as the reason underlying fatigue and drowsiness. In this case, improper diet indicates both qualitative, as well as quantitative parameters of our menu, hydration of the organism, along with possible food intolerances. Consumption of products, which our organism does not tolerate may cause lethargy and tiredness.

What is more, both an insufficient, as well as excessive dose of movement may manifest itself in the form of fatigue and excessive yawning.

Stress, especially if it is a long-term stress, also makes us feel tired and dreaming about going to sleep, even in the middle of the day. Sleep is crucial as far as our well-being is concerned. If we have too little or too much sleep, or we snore when sleeping, we can feel exhausted.

What else can cause the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness? Reasons underlying such a situation may be related with ailments of the whole organism. However, it is recommended to first take care of a healthy lifestyle, improve the quality and quantity of your sleep, etc. Still, if these health promoting solutions do not work, it is worth consulting your symptoms with a physician.

What vitamins should be used in case of fatigue and the feeling of drowsiness?

Vitamin C, B6 and B12, along with magnesium and pantothenic acid will prove best in this case. Thiamine and biotin should also be able to combat drowsiness and the feeling of tiredness. Zinc, on the other hand, poses a positive influence on fighting oxidative stress. Hawthorn can be used to fight stress and tension. Gingko (known as gingko biloba) will take care of an agile mind and proper level of concentration, which may be weakened during the period of strain.

1-MNA - a primary metabolite of vitamin B3 stands as an innovation among new ingredients. This is an endogenous substance of vitamin origin, which is created in the human organism as a result of metabolic transformation of vitamin B3. However, the physiological ability of the organism to transform vitamin B3 decreases with age. It has been discovered that 1-MNA can be found in Wakame algae and in green tea, which constitute a part of Japanese menu. Japan in turn is known for the fact that its citizens live a very long and healthy life. Therefore it is worth implementing the 1-MNA supplementation.

Menavitin Vital is a dietary supplement, which is the only product available on the market containing a unique, innovative substance, 1-MNA, combined with the hawthorn flower extract, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B complex. It is recommended as a dietary supplement for adults, who want to support their nervous system, improve their well-being and maintain the proper mental agility and cognitive functions.

What kind of diet is best for fatigue and drowsiness?

What can we do to deal with fatigue and drowsiness? Appropriate diet and hydration of the organism constitute an extremely important aspect in this case. Insufficient water supply may cause both mental and physical heaviness. On the other hand, considerable amount of coffee and black tea, both containing caffeine, may cause tiredness.

Drowsiness and fatigue can be caused by heavy, fat diet, dominated by unhealthy fats, sugars and carbohydrates. That is why it is crucial to substitute meat with vegetables (especially green vegetables and legumes), fish, along with groats and rice. Longest-living Japanese eat tofu, seafood, mushrooms and seaweeds. Maybe we should follow their example?

Excessively abundant meals may also contribute to the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness. Our organism may not tolerate certain products, and therefore it may react with lethargy when we consume the given substance. It is therefore worth observing the reaction of the organism to the given product to realise what can harm us and what we should eliminate from our diet.

Permanent fatigue along with drowsiness and lifestyle

Human being needs a proper dose of energy to function normally. The energy can be obtained from proper diet, regular hydration, proper supply of vitamins and essential minerals, not to mention healthy sleep.

The last definition indicated not only the optimal sleep quantity (8 hours of sleep at night are usually mentioned in such case, although 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep seem sufficient for many people), but also its quality. We should go to bed at a set time. Mattresses, on which we sleep, should be comfortable, and the room we rest in should be properly ventilated. If we snore, and we may even suffer from sleep apnoea, it is worth eliminating this phenomena from our bedroom.

Physical activity is a well known factor impacting our well-being, and if it is performed outdoors, we not only move our body, but also properly oxygenate our organism. When we move, our organism releases endorphins, which eliminate fatigue, as well as drowsiness.

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