Way to achieve longevity – activity and a healthy diet

Is there a recipe to achieve longevity? Scientists and researchers say that it does exist. Regular physical activity, proper diet and training your brain on regular basis can be a way to have a long and healthy life.

Can physical activity be the secret of longevity?

The well-known phrase saying "Movement equals health" should constitute a response to the question raised above. Appropriate means an individually selected physical activity contributes to fulfilling your dream of longevity. Regular movement is enumerated among one of prophylactic activities, protecting our organism against various diseases, including cardiovascular (e.g. arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction), metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes, obesity), and osteoarticular conditions (e.g. osteoporosis, bone arthrosis). It has been proven that practising sports on regular basis also supports the immune system, along with the nervous system.

According to studies published in "British Journal of Sports Medicine" training that contribute to longevity to the greatest extent include swimming, aerobics (including dance elements as well) and playing tennis (possibly badminton or squash). 30 to 40 minutes of jogging a day is yet another appreciated secret of longevity.

It is obviously better to practise any sports than not to move at all. Therefore, riding a bicycle, strength training, playing football – if all these activities are not performed in an extreme manner (which means posing threat to health and life) – are also perceived as a way to enjoy a longer and healthier life, as well as well-being.

Diet for longevity

The secret of the diet for longevity is to… under eat. It has been observed that people who have lived to the age of 100 years and more were considerably sparing with the issue of their daily caloric intake. As far as these people are concerned, the 2000 calorie diet was the dominating one. Meals should be regular, not too abundant (sometimes quite modest), and the menu should not include fast-foods, white bread, sweats or soft drinks. Alcohol and stimulants, such as coffee and tea were consumed sporadically or were not consumed at all.

Basing on the analysis covering the life of centenarians, it is possible to say that eating small portions, at regular intervals, along with consuming considerable amount of fruit and vegetables, as well as taking vitamin D (the amount of this vitamin in our organism decreases with age, therefore it is recommended to supplement this vitamin) and fibre (preferably in food products).

Can brain training contribute to longevity?

Regular brain training stands as another recipe for longevity. When the brain undergoes constant training, it remains agile for longer and succumbs to various diseases such as the Alzheimer's disease less frequently. We should therefore play chess, checkers, solve jigsaw puzzles, riddles and crosswords, learn foreign languages, as well as gain new skills, which force the brain to stay active.

Performing even the apparently minor activities in a manner differing from the usual way, in another time, in different circumstances will force the brain to work longer, and hence it will train the brain.

Recipe for longevity - rich spiritual life

Happy centenarians also emphasise the significant role of the spiritual life. As a result of being calm and mindful in various circumstances you don't lose health due to stress and all the ailments and conditions caused by stress.

The road to finding calmness may differ for each and every one of us. Some find spiritual comfort in devoting to a certain faith (e.g. religious one), others in meditation or breathing exercises, and some may even focus on yoga, etc.

What other aspects can contribute to longevity?

Other scientifically proven method for achieving longevity include late motherhood in case of women (even after 44 years of age), healthy sleep (we should have enough sleep to wake up rested), optimistic approach to life (we should laugh a lot and look into the future with optimism), meet with friends and colleagues, not to mention meeting new people.  It is also worth going for a trip from time to time, breathe in a "different" air and distance yourself from problems and everyday tasks.

Longevity for everyone – is it possible? Much depends on the individual attitude and the external environment, in which we live. Nonetheless, certainly the above-mentioned recommendations help follow a healthy, vigilant and good life.

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