Brain training and balanced diet improve your memory and concentration

Proper brain training along with a healthy diet pose a significant influence on memory and concentration. How can you train your brain to make sure that it remains efficient for as long as possible? And what should we eat to support and stimulate memory along with concentration?

How can you do the brain training?

Brain training includes performing activities and engaging in activities, which constantly stimulate the brain and sort of force it to be active and work. If we no longer train the brain, just like we train muscles in the gym, the brain becomes lazy, which in consequence leads to poor memory, concentration and motor coordination, or even reduced capacity to solve problems.

Memory and concentration training can be done in various different ways. The brain does not like routine. This means that we should constantly provide new stimuli for the brain, e.g. through learning foreign languages, practising various sports, solving crosswords, rebus puzzles, etc., playing logic games, meeting people (meeting new people has a particularly positive influence on the mind), as well as keeping doing new things or performing certain activities in a manner other than we normally do. Even when you choose a different road when walking or driving to work you force your brain to exercise.

In order for the brain to act properly, it needs relaxation and endorphins, which the human body produces when we laugh. Therefore, the sillier jokes we hear, the funnier movies we watch or comic situations we experience, the better for our mind. This allows us to face different matters and obstacles in a positive and optimistic way.

What exercises can improve memory and concentration?

How can you improve your memory and concentration through exercises? There are many ways to support your brain. One of them includes calculating by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing in your mind (without using pen and paper). Another method focuses on reading a text, which is turned upside down, or reading sentences from the end.

You can also take advantage of available ready puzzles, forcing you to find words among letter scramble, discover geometrical figures and other shapes in a certain picture or to find differences between pictures. Solving crosswords and quizzes is yet another perfect memory improving exercise.

Drawing is an additional way to stimulate the activity of your brain. The aim of this training is to take a careful look at an image and then (without looking at the picture) recreate this image on a piece of paper, being as specific as possible and including as many details as you can recall.

Brain training can be done by inventing associations for example to surnames, names of places, new notions we want to remember (e.g. if you want to remember the name "Kaczorowski" you can always associate it with a real duck and this will make it easier for you to recall the name at the appropriate moment).

Which factors stimulate memory and concentration?

Focusing on the given activity is a factor that facilitates remembering. We will definitely perform the given task much more quickly and much better if we devote 100 percent of our attention to the job, rather than doing several things at the same time (in such case none of them will be done to the best of our abilities and it will certainly take longer than if we did this task separately).

Relaxation is an extra stimulus for our brain. The more relaxed we are, the easier it is for us to perform even the most complicated assignments.

Sense of humour stands as a further factor stimulating both memory and concentration. Laughter brings relaxation, and in such circumstances the brain works much more efficiently. What is more, sense of humour may be used for memorising a long list of duties that need to be done. This memory training may be performed by constructing a funny, abstract story, in which we include all items from the list, one by one. The more wicked the story is and the more details it has, like smells, tastes, tactile sensations, etc, the easier it will be to memorise.

How to improve your memory and concentration with diet?

Proper diet stands as a very important element, which poses a positive influence on memory and concentration. Menu of a person desiring to stimulate the work of the brain should mainly include complex carbohydrates, which can be found in products such as groats, wholegrain bread, rolled oats, muesli, bran, potatoes, sprouts and corn. Besides, the brain is satisfied when it gets with omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, found mainly in fish, for example salmon, mackerel or sardines, as well as in rapeseed oil and nuts.

The best diet boosting your brain should also include vitamins, mainly C, A, E and D, not to mention B vitamins, magnesium, irons, lecithin, fibre, thiamine, biotin and gingko biloba leaf extract. It is worth taking advantage of a dietary supplement enriched with B vitamins, magnesium and gingko biloba extract, recommended as a dietary supplement for adults, desiring to support their memory and concentration – Menavitin Memory.
This is the only product available on the market, which additionally contains the unique, innovative 1-MNA substance - an endogenous active substance of vitamin origin. The 1-MNA particle stands as the main metabolite of vitamin B3 and is created as a result of metabolic transformations taking place in the liver.

Apart from all the above, we should also remember about regular hydration. It is recommended to drink at least 1.5 litres of fluids per day.

What kind of physical activity improves concentration?

Brain exercises should be performed outdoors as well (which provides more oxygen to the brain) or in a training room, where it is recommended to train yoga, tai chi, play table tennis or train juggling. Yoga not only calms the whole body, but also calms the mind and improves concentration. Tai chi on the other hand delays the effects of brain ageing, and hence people practicing tai chi may enjoy the active mind for longer. Whereas table tennis forces the brain to reach maximum levels of activation. It is worth taking up joggling in order to boost mental functions, focus on synchronising the left and the right hemispheres and strengthen the concentration.

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